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little Man Party

I am so happy to feature this party! This was a close friend son's first birthday and she chose the theme of Little Man! It came out so darling! 


Sparkle Party! 

So our beautiful Mom had a birthday this month and what better way to celebrate it than by being surrounded by things she loves...sparkles! You wouldn't know by looking at our Mom that she loves sparkles. What I mean by that is she isn't the Mom who wears the bedazzeled shirt that spells out "One Hot Mama" or asks to get the rhinestone embellished pedicure. She just has a fondness for a little glitter, sparkle & shine! So that is what we gave her! 

Here are some pictures of what we did to give this party a little sparkle! 



Little Man Party! 

When my friend Sarah asked me what she thought she could do for her son Colton's first birthday there was one theme that I thought would just be too perfect! A "Little Man" party! We have seen a lot of these parties in the blog-world and so I pulled some inspiration from a few parties that I thought were so cute! Here is our inspiration board for Colton's Little Man Party & the pictures of the "Real Party" will be posted soon!



Look at what I found on Black Eiffel !  What a great idea for a favor for a party.  Be it a cooking party, a harvest party or even a farm to table dinner.... I love how simple and clever it is. Here is what they wrote...

One of my favorite parts of planning a party is coming up with a favor that will be a little present to your guests and not something they’ll just trash. For a backyard harvest party that I recently threw, I sewed up some tote bags created from dish towels (I told guests not to look too closely at the stitching) and then filled the table with some fresh takeaways: monster cookies, baguettes, strawberries and flowers. Overall a simple concept but appreciated and not ignored. At least that’s what my guests made me believe!


glitter corn 

I hate to admit it but when inspiration is down, you can always turn to the classics from our one & only frienemy...Martha Stewart! Oh you come up with these things!

Tools and Materials

  • Dried corn, from Dry Nature Designs, 212-695-8911
  • Craft glue
  • Fine glitter in Florentine Gold, by Martha Stewart Crafts, at Michaels
  • Foam brush
  • Kettle of boiling water

Corn How-To

Pick some ears of dried corn to glitter fully and other ears to do more sparingly, so your arrangement doesn't go overboard. For the former, coat fully with craft glue and glitter. For the latter, use a foam brush to lightly dab some kernels with craft glue, then apply glitter. 

To soften husks so you can shape the ears when you arrange them, steam over a kettle of boiling water once the glitter has set. Gourds need nothing more than a glittered stem to shine.