Look at what I found on Black Eiffel !  What a great idea for a favor for a party.  Be it a cooking party, a harvest party or even a farm to table dinner.... I love how simple and clever it is. Here is what they wrote...

One of my favorite parts of planning a party is coming up with a favor that will be a little present to your guests and not something they’ll just trash. For a backyard harvest party that I recently threw, I sewed up some tote bags created from dish towels (I told guests not to look too closely at the stitching) and then filled the table with some fresh takeaways: monster cookies, baguettes, strawberries and flowers. Overall a simple concept but appreciated and not ignored. At least that’s what my guests made me believe!


glitter corn 

I hate to admit it but when inspiration is down, you can always turn to the classics from our one & only frienemy...Martha Stewart! Oh you come up with these things!

Tools and Materials

  • Dried corn, from Dry Nature Designs, 212-695-8911
  • Craft glue
  • Fine glitter in Florentine Gold, by Martha Stewart Crafts, at Michaels
  • Foam brush
  • Kettle of boiling water

Corn How-To

Pick some ears of dried corn to glitter fully and other ears to do more sparingly, so your arrangement doesn't go overboard. For the former, coat fully with craft glue and glitter. For the latter, use a foam brush to lightly dab some kernels with craft glue, then apply glitter. 

To soften husks so you can shape the ears when you arrange them, steam over a kettle of boiling water once the glitter has set. Gourds need nothing more than a glittered stem to shine. 


Baby Shower for Bennett!


This is such a fun post for me to be writing about because it is so dear to my heart! My 'Oh So Talented' Mom & Sister threw me a little family baby shower for our soon-to-be arriving baby boy, Bennett! It was so beautifully done and reminded me of why I went into business with my Sister & also made me wonder why we haven't recruited my Mom into to the Society Picnic family yet {although she is one of our unpaid consultants that we bounce idea's off of & also get such great concepts from!} 

I had told Sarah that the nursery was tones of Grey & Yellow and they ran with it! From the yellow & grey striped paper straws, the handmade building blocks painted in yellow & grey tones, to the Welcome wreath made out of yarn pompoms & ribbons, the entire aesthetic was so simple, elegant and just so charming!

Take a look at all they did on our Real Parties link! Thank you Mom & Sarah for all that you did! I was just stunned and it was such a nice party! 




I love it when I find something new that takes my breath away! I am in the process of decorating our baby nursery and have been obsessed with finding just the right patterns, fabrics, colors...etc! If you know me, I can obsess a bit! I came across such a cute online store for fabrics that will just work perfect for kids parties, baby showers, bridal name it! Oh, and our nursery! Take a look at Spoonflower!  Am I the last one on earth to now about this? 


DIY Paint Project

What a beautiful way to spruce up a wall! Sometimes it is the simplest and least expensive tricks that make something boring and bland come to life. 

The whole tutorial and template comes from Jones Design Company. What we love the most was when, she simply puts that it doesn't have to be perfect. No one will notice. Every Mother needs to hear that sometimes! Isn't that why when people come over, they are never allowed to open the hall closet?