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If You Dare... to be Invited

As most of you know, I have been hard at work getting ready for a big Halloween Party . So what better way to prepare than to give away the most spectacular invites to get your guests ready for some Halloween fun? 


1st, let's talk tools and materials

  • skeletons 2"-4" that bend- mine came with an ornament hook but if not, you will need to add this
  • 2" skull head
  • 4"x4" box painted black (Michaels had ones already black)
  • something pointy and metal to heat up and melt/poke a whole in the bottom of the skull
  • black string
  • a glue gun
  • scissors
  • spray adhesive or a glue stick could work too
  • sharpy to cover up anything once you poke a whole
  • fun thick halloween inspired paper
  • something textural for the bottom of the box
  • the invite of course.  We used a 4.25"x11" sheet on vellum.



To get started, cut the decorative paper to fit the top of your box and adhere using a glue stick or spray adhesive. Using a candle, I heated up the bottom of this tool and melted a whole through the bottom of the skull.  I then tied a knot on my string and poked it in so it was secure. (later you will want to use a bead of hot glue to secure the skull to the top of the box to be extra snug on top) Then feed the string through the center point of your box and connect to your skull by tying another knot. The string ends up to be about 2"-2.5" long between the knots.


Touch up any areas where you punctured with a black sharpie, then add the fluff to inside of the box.  I used black filler I found in the Halloween silk floral section and gave it a light spray of silver to match my skull on top.  When you close the box, the skeleton basically sits and then when you open, dangles from the top.  

Viola!  Now the invite. 



Rolled up like a scroll, we tied a small black ribbon around them and added them to the bottom of the box. 


So fun!  Right?  What person wouldn't want an invite to this party????




David Makes the Goal!

Soccer is a big thing in our house, so when David's mom Debbie approached me about helping out with their upcoming Soccer themed Bar Mitzvah, it was an easy YES!  However, Soccer is a tougher theme than expected. How do you come up with a sophisticated centerpeice and other than soccer balls, what other layers do you add in? Soccer is not a sport that has a ton of gear, I mean, there is a ball and a goal, that's it.  It is moment's like this, one is so thankful for Pinterest.  We found some great inspiration and got to work.


This was our first attempt at growing grass.  1 lb of Hard Red Winter Wheat seeds from the bulk section of Whole Foods. 



Day 3- it literally grows before your eyes!  

Once we knew it would take 5-7days to get the grass exactly the heighth we wanted, we planted directly in the vases.  It was pretty hot outside, so we misted throughout the day, trying not to get the soil too wet nor allowing it to get too dry.

Here you have it! It is a sophisticated soccer themed centerpiece. Each table had a corresponding table card with a team ball.  At the end of the night, the kids checked under there chair to see if they had the winning star.  Winners got to take home the game ball of their choice.  Clever right?

There were a few other details we tackled as well...

Place cards were tickets to David's favorite teams.

Simple is sometimes sweet.  Avery Labels were used on the candy bags...  Like the product number I left there for you?  LOL

Fun party, fun to be a part of these milestones.


A Special Day for Sonya! 



cupcake wars party! 

Here is a little snippet of what we are working on this week! We get the pleasure of working with a very special "soon-to-be" nine year old, Gaby! We have thrown parties for both of her siblings and now it is her turn! She came up with the great idea of throwing a "Cupcake Wars Party"! I know about the show Cupcake Wars because of a Sunday afternoon where I just happen to stumble upon a Marathon! I think I watched an entire season in one sitting....very addicting show! So here goes...we start the planning process! 

First...invites! She is having a small party with close friends and wants to have them hand delivered! We decided on cupcake toppers with all the information included! Here is what we came up with! 

We will be figuring out the box or bag that the cupcakes will go into but for now...this is what we got! Super cute and can't wait to show you more! 


Strawberry Party

Here is our latest project! Our current client (soon-to-be the big FOUR year old) Mimi wants to have a Strawberry Party! She is the sweetest little girl in the world and couldn't be more perfect for this theme! Her Mom found some invitations on Pinterest that she wanted us to make, mimic....oh shoot, just plain copy! I thought it would only be right to give props to the amazing talent of the ladies of One Charming Party , for whom I snatched the idea from! I think our version came out pretty darn cute! 

We also are making a Mimi Farm Stand, where the kids can earn Mimi Money and buy little treats! I think if money were this cute in real life I would probably spend more....good thing it's not! 


Stay tuned for pictures of this fabulous party!