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A Special Day for Sonya! 


cupcake wars party! 

Here is a little snippet of what we are working on this week! We get the pleasure of working with a very special "soon-to-be" nine year old, Gaby! We have thrown parties for both of her siblings and now it is her turn! She came up with the great idea of throwing a "Cupcake Wars Party"! I know about the show Cupcake Wars because of a Sunday afternoon where I just happen to stumble upon a Marathon! I think I watched an entire season in one sitting....very addicting show! So here goes...we start the planning process! 

First...invites! She is having a small party with close friends and wants to have them hand delivered! We decided on cupcake toppers with all the information included! Here is what we came up with! 

We will be figuring out the box or bag that the cupcakes will go into but for now...this is what we got! Super cute and can't wait to show you more! 


Strawberry Party

Here is our latest project! Our current client (soon-to-be the big FOUR year old) Mimi wants to have a Strawberry Party! She is the sweetest little girl in the world and couldn't be more perfect for this theme! Her Mom found some invitations on Pinterest that she wanted us to make, mimic....oh shoot, just plain copy! I thought it would only be right to give props to the amazing talent of the ladies of One Charming Party , for whom I snatched the idea from! I think our version came out pretty darn cute! 

We also are making a Mimi Farm Stand, where the kids can earn Mimi Money and buy little treats! I think if money were this cute in real life I would probably spend more....good thing it's not! 


Stay tuned for pictures of this fabulous party! 




little Man Party

I am so happy to feature this party! This was a close friend son's first birthday and she chose the theme of Little Man! It came out so darling! 


Sparkle Party! 

So our beautiful Mom had a birthday this month and what better way to celebrate it than by being surrounded by things she loves...sparkles! You wouldn't know by looking at our Mom that she loves sparkles. What I mean by that is she isn't the Mom who wears the bedazzeled shirt that spells out "One Hot Mama" or asks to get the rhinestone embellished pedicure. She just has a fondness for a little glitter, sparkle & shine! So that is what we gave her! 

Here are some pictures of what we did to give this party a little sparkle!