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Back in the day… there were different names for those who created space. I have been a Visual, a Merchandiser a Designer and a Planner for both events and retailers including Anthropologie, Room & Board, Ethan Allen and The Ecology Center. Taking my experience and the love and support of my family & friends, I have the opportunity to create a new kind of space in the world, my own Society Picnic. Fun right?

By nature, I am creative and am most comfortable behind the scenes. I love everything about a party! There is nothing better than to think outside the box and create the unexpected. However, a party is not just the decorations, it's setting the whole stage, paying attention to the guests needs and making sure the host feels like they can sit back and truly savor each moment of their celebration.

Outside of the party-world, my true loves are at home. I am a wife and a mom. Like most, I am juggling carpool, soccer & tennis, dinners and date nights. So what’s a good day in the life of Sarah? Just like a perfect event, a perfect day would include good company, an opportunity to get artsy & a reason to raise a glass.